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The beginning

RTS METAL was founded in early 2006 as a limited liability company for production, trade and services.

In the previous period, we were oriented exclusively to the foreign market, and in the following period we strive to achieve a share in the domestic market.


Our main activity consists in the classic shaping of raw materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminum) into the desired product.

The activities of our company include cutting materials, bending sheets and pipes, MIG (CO2) and TIG (argon) welding processes, planning, development, installation.

Production of semi-finished or finished products, from sheets, pipes, rods, profiles and other raw materials, is done using hydraulic shears, circular saws, drills, grinders, bending and punching presses, as well as a laser system, after which it goes to part of the welding workshop where they are joined to the final product.

Production line

The metal processing process takes place in the production hall, which includes:

  • - cutting positions on scissors
  • - laser position cutting
  • - pipe bending
  • - bending of sheets
  • - TIG welding (argon)
  • - MAG (CO2) welding

Always ready for new ventures and challenges.

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